Rubén Trincado grew up in the kitchens of the Mirador de Ulia. His cuisine embodies tradition, family and passion, but without overlooking innovation and progression.

Rubén Trincado

“Cooking is my soul, it's not a job, it's a way of life.”

Rubén is the third generation at the helm of the Mirador de Ulia kitchen. He is inquisitive and innovative. Although he has worked with many people, without a doubt those who have most deeply fuelled his passion are his grandmother Faustina, his father Mitxel and his aunt Mari Carmen, who ran the restaurant for decades.

His cuisine has also been influenced by his training and all the people he has had the chance to work with.

Rubén continues to grow as chef, developing a distinctive style of cuisine which is unapologetically his own. His passion for traditional flavours and aromas never fades, however he incorporates the most advanced techniques so as to surprise the diner with the composition of each dish.

When he decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts, he started off by getting to know it from the inside, but away from home: his career began at the Kokotxa restaurant in San Sebastián under the direction of Arkaitz Muguruza, and continued at Bodegón Alejandro with Martín Berasategui and at the Abarka restaurant in Hondarribia. Rubén also sought new horizons abroad, continuing his apprenticeship with Didier Garbage in Les Landes, La Perouse in Paris and Labota in Geneva.

My constant theme is surprise, which means that I can never stop evolving.

Multiple chefs, one vision

Rubén is part of the Mahaia Collective, a group of different chefs with a shared vision who are committed to the evolution of Basque cuisine. This collective was created to continue improving culinary quality and innovation, thus giving continuity to the work of the founders of new Basque cuisine.