With Rubén Trincado at the helm, the Mirador de Ulia offers an evolving and innovative menu, which is unapologetically his own. It is rooted in a respect for traditional cuisine, but incorporates new techniques and flavours that aim to surprise the diner.

Our philosophy

Knowing where we come from in order to know where we are going

In the Mirador de Ulia kitchen we work with traditional cuisine as a guiding principle, upholding respect, but constantly challenging ourselves. We reflect, we think out of the box,... we respect tradition by fusing it with new ideas, searching for fresh approaches and adapting them. Respecting our roots, but always evolving.

The product

Local produce and blue zones

Product is key, it is the cornerstone of our cuisine. We respect local produce and make the most of it in our dishes. We always work with local producers, except for those products that we cannot find here. We also travel, learn and bring back new products. We are particularly fascinated by the planet's blue zones, where humans enjoy longer lives thanks to their specific diet and the consumption of certain healthy products

Our wine list

Local aromas and flavours that make a difference

We believe that local produce should have a special place at our table, so we also believe that this applies to our selection of wines. That's why our wine list offers a broad spectrum of wines from local wineries and small producers that pair perfectly with our menu and that will delight your palate, making your experience that bit more special.

We never stop questioning and challenging ourselves

And, what's more, we like to bring something new to the table

At Mirador de Ulia we are committed to vegan and vegetarian options, where fresh, local, seasonal produce is key. The world is evolving and haute cuisine must evolve too.