The Mirador de Ulia sits on the slopes of Mount Ulia, which rises up behind the Zurriola. A prime location offering a panoramic view of the city.

The city’s very own belvedere

A truly magnificent spot

The villa was built in 1939 by Jose Antonio Mendizabal, who fell in love with the estate, bewitched by its views. However, it was only in 1966 that Faustina Zaldua converted it into a hotel and restaurant. Faustina decided that the place should be shared and in May of that year El Mirador de Ulia opened its doors to the public for the first time.

And so began the family legacy, which continues today with Rubén Trincado at the helm, the third generation to run the kitchen. His aita and ama (father and mother in Basque), and also his aunt took charge of the restaurant after Faustina.

Our gastronomic journey engages the senses, and the surroundings complete the experience.

Our terrace

Unparalleled views

Enjoy our delicious cuisine in unforgettable surroundings. Look out over the bay of San Sebastian and, on clear days, enjoy a view of the entire coast of Gipuzkoa.

Our dining hall

Central dining area

A magnificent space designed with both ambition and great care, keeping in mind the beautiful landscape and views at all times.

Our garden

The Ulia oasis

A beautiful space perfect for any type of ceremony or open-air event.

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